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It's officially winter for us.

Created on: 01/02/11 03:55 AM Views: 1912 Replies: 1
It's officially winter for us.
Posted Saturday, January 1, 2011 10:55 PM

Well we put the covers over our hot rods today which signals the "official" beginning of winter for us.  We do inside stuff for two months....get caught up on mundane house chores so we can run all season with the cars.  Last year we attended 65 events and helped raise over $5K for Wounded Warrior Project.  We are planning more for next year. 


I am beginning to scan old negitives from the 50's when I was in school.  It's Pepperrell AFB in Newfoundland, Canada.  We were there for 3 years.  Anyway I wanted to start digitizing all my photos and my parent's photos for our kids and my brothers.  I have about 8K B&W negs, 25K color negs and about 20-25K color slides!  It may take more than two months!  I plan on getting a lot of chair time this winter....oh well.  I post everything on my webshots site first.

You are welcome to visit and see what I did in the mid 50's.  I will eventually get to my time in Minot but I have to wade through a lot of scanning first.

Happy New Year....all ya'll....from Virginia


RE: It's officially winter for us.
Posted Sunday, January 2, 2011 06:00 PM


Like the rods but your garage gets me all excited!!!