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Dick Dahlen

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11/23/10 10:54 AM #1    

Warren Olson

My memories of Dick Dahlen began in grade school and were added to by our scouting activities and campfires.  We were also neigbors and often walked to school together.  He was very studious and quite precise in what he did, including his drawings of ships, maps, and other doodles when class lessons became tiresome.

I was not surprised, decades later, to discover that he had become a lawyer.  After a lovely Sunday brunch in Hershey, PA, he took us out to see his pride and joy -- a deep, forest green Jaguar his law firm had presented him with upon his retirement.  The photo below was taken at that time.  Dick mentioned that he was writing a book on a peculiar aspect of the Civil War.  I don't know if he was able to finish the writing -- he died some months later.

11/24/10 03:52 PM #2    

Carroll Rasch


Born: June 17, 1943

Died: October 22, 2002 at 59, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Above is a review of a book that Dick was working on when he died.  It is stated in the review that Dick invited George Bradley to become involved so that the work could be completed.  It can be read at the link below. It is a fine contribution in that it discusses a little known event in the Civil War which becomes historical evidence of a change in Washington's War policy toward the citizens, property and civil liberties of those regions gained by the Union Army.

Dick explains his relationship to George Bradley in the forward to the book.

01/08/11 05:07 PM #3    

LDee Cramer

From: "annedahlen" <>
> To: <>
> Subject: Thank you for your message
> Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 18:13:07 -0500
> Hello Lloyd, thank you for contacting me regarding Class of 61 reunion.
> I am afraid I will not be able to attend, but I appreciate the thought.
> Please tell you classmates that Dick’s son Chris is happily married to
> Teri Weidner Dahlen, a children’s book illustrator, and that they have a
> wonderful son Nicholas “Nick” Dahlen. He is 5 ½ years old and in
> kindergarten. Chris works for a computer consulting company, but does
> much freelance writing. He loves to write just like Dick. Dick would be
> so proud of him and his family and especially of Nick. Chris is the
> Editor of a new gaming magazine called Kill Screen. You can find his
> work at <>
> . My best to all of Dick’s classmates.
> Regards,
> Anne
> 4 King’s Arms
> Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

05/08/11 10:14 PM #4    

Carroll Rasch

01/22/13 02:23 PM #5    

Margaret Luchsinger (Salsbury)

I just read the review of Dick''s book that he coauthored with Bradley.  How fascinating!   Stories of the Civil War are riveting, and it doesn't surprise me that Dick would research this little known battle of the Civil War, taking place in the "deep south" of Athens, Alabama.  I can imagine that his findings of the influence of this battle and the subsequent impact on the policy of the government at the Federal  level would be something Dick would certainly enjoy researching.  The controversial Russian commanding officer of this battle adds an interesting  dimention to the history of this Civil War battle.  I plan to order his book and add it to my list of  books to read.  I can imagine that I will need to have my dictionary  close by, as I'm quite sure Dick's vocabulary  will increase  my vocabulary as well.  What an amazing man!   Classmate of 1961, Margaret Luchsinger Salsbury 

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