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I have posted clips of the tree musical sets by the "Nu Notes" at the Minot High School Class of 1961 Reunion on my FaceBook page. This address should take you there:

I was told that the membership of this group is made up of retired Minot Public Schools music teachers and some teachers and profs from the University. October 1, 2016 at the Vegas Hotel in Minot, ND.

First Set: "Johnny Angel," "It’s My Party and I can Cry If I Want To," "I Only Want To Be With You."

Second Set:" Mr. Sandman", "Lollipop," "Earth Angel," "Sha boom"

Third Set: "We’re In The Money," "Hey Big Spender," "Whatever Lola Wants." (Some great songs edging back toward the 1930s, which were still very much alive in the memory of our parents.

Invocation for 55th year Minot High School Reunion from Scott Huff!!


Let us Pray:  Loving God, Creator of all, Sustainer of our life and Giver of every good gift.  Look upon us as we joyfully assemble for worship as the Class of '61 to remember times past and renew friendships made when hair was short and plentiful and skirts were long and colorful. We are so grateful for the wonderful memories of our high school days – days filled with laughter, with shouts of joy and happiness, with dreams and aspirations, with energy and enthusiasm, and lifelong friendships. We treasure the valuable gifts we are to one another! Help us forget how much we have advanced in age and by your grace, remember how much we have grown in wisdom and experience.  We give thanks for Minot High School and the gifts she engraved on our hearts and minds and for the teachers, coaches and staff who taught and encouraged us - who even at times disciplined us. May we always remember with gratitude their part in making us who we are today. Let us continue to honor them by keeping our hearts and minds open and young.  We remember classmates who couldn't travel here this weekend and those who have died and now reside in your heavenly Kingdom. Take them in your loving embrace. Draw their spirits ever closer to you.   We offer our heartfelt thanks for those who have worked so creatively to make this reunion a reality and give us a taste of years past by helping us recall all the pleasant memories and special friendships.



See the photos >
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Hi! Check out my photo(s) at Shutterfly. I know many of you didn't ask to see these photos of our class reunion. If you are interested just take a quick peek. LDee, perhaps, can pin them to Classmates
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Minot High School Class of 1961 55 Year Class Reunion!!!!!

The reunion is over and it was a great time for all that attended. The committee is to be commended on doing a fantastic job for the great reunion they provided. Pictures will be provided in the future!!

Research is being done for a cruise or other group trip next year; possibly a river cruise in Europe or something in Austraila! Interested??? Let us know!!!

Russ Domino has some small pieces of marble from MHS; if you are interested in getting one contact him at







Sent by Dave Anderson: copy and paste.

Check out the history of Minot at:

Learn about North Dakota!! Copy and paste the below link in your browser!


This one's a fun keeper.  It plays the song that was Number One on the day you were born. And, if there is a video available with the artist, it will play it for you. This is really a fun site. Enjoy the show. 


The happiest state is North Dakota!!! Play Video!!


                          Old TimeJuke Box


Great Med Cruise Pictures from Judy:


Interesting pictures of the North Dakota Badlands, check them out!!!

If you have never seen the website called 'Ghosts of North Dakota', check it out at for a fun look at ND towns that have seen better times.
Dave Anderson

                        North Dakota Fun Facts
                        The town of Rugby is the geographical center of North
                        America.  A tall stone obelisk marks the location.
                        Mc Clusky is the location of the center of ND
                        North Dakota was the first state to complete its
                        Interstate highway system.
                        The parking meter was invented in North Dakota
                        Dakota Gasification Company in Beulah is the nation's
                        only synthetic natural gas producer.
                        North Dakota has 60 wildlife refuges, more than any
                        other state, and all are managed for waterfowl
                        North Dakota has more miles of road per capita than
                        any other state -  approximately 166 miles of road for
                        every 1,000 people.
                        If North Dakota seceded from the Union, it would be
                        the world's third strongest nuclear power.
                        North Dakota has the highest number of millionaires
                        per capita than any other state, and not a yuppie to
                        be found anywhere.
                        Did you know that North Dakota leads the nation in the
                        production of just about everything. The state is
                        first in spring wheat, durum wheat, sunflowers,
                        barley, a dry edible beans, pinto beans, canola,
                        flaxseed, all dry edible peas, honey, lentils and
                        Did you know that the highest temperature ever
                        recorded in North Dakota was 121 degrees at Steele in
                        July of 1936? Or that the lowest was -60 degrees at
                        Parshall during the last ice age (kidding, but not
                        about the temperature) in February 1936?
                        The fastest-growing city in the state is West Fargo,
                        which has soared from 14,910 residents in 2000 to more
                        than 21,000 last year.
                        What is the Sturnella neglecta? It's the scientific
                        name of the state?s bird. Can you name it? It's the
                        western meadowlark, a songbird often found on fence
                        posts or sign chirping away.
                        Fore! Did you know that North Dakota has more Golf
                        Courses per capita than any other state?
                        Ranks #1 as the safest state to live in. (Morgan
                        Quitno 03/05)
                        Is one of only eight states with a growing economy.
                        Ranks 6th highest in state economic competitiveness.
                        (Beacon Hill Institute, 12/05)
                        Had the second highest per capita income growth from
                        2000-2005. (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2005)
                        Has more coastline than California due to Lake
                        Sakakawea! (
                        Fargo-Moorhead ranked as one of America's top
                        Business Opportunity Metros? for 2005. (Expansion
                        Ranks #1 for rate of high school completion (01/06
                        Corporation for Enterprise Development)
                        Is one of only two states to increase manufacturing
                        jobs from 2000-2004. (U.S. Dept. of Labor)
                        Onr of the top oil producing states.
                        Many jobs available, especially in the oil fields.

Judy Winje has provided pictures of MHS class of "61" 50th reunion for all, enjoy!!!




How is the oil boom affecting North Dakota??? Read article below!!


Click the link below to view pictures from the class of 1960's 50th reunion!! there are two sets of pictures, top is class photos; bottom is 50th pictures! Recognize anyone???


 Music of our  time:

1961 JuKeBoX  <>
1962 JuKeBoX  <

1959 JuKeBoX  <>
1960 JuKeBoX  <>



 Click below link for President Kennedy's 1961 inauguration speech!!!!!!;hl=en_US"></param><param